Construction Duration

There is no limit to the number of buildings you can construct at any time, but it does take time for construction to be completed.

Most new buildings or upgrades takes one year to complete.

Order of Construction

You must build one of the buildings with a purple dot as shown in the buildtree (watchtower, subtemple, teahouse, market, or mansion), before you can build other buildings or upgrades. Excluded to this rule are fields, plantations and pits, as shown in the buildtree with a green dot.

You must have constructed the lower level upgrades or building before you can proceed with construction of higher level buildings or upgrades along the same line or lines as shown in the buildtree. Some scientific advances must be researched before you are allowed to construct higher level buildings.

Construction Costs

The following table shows the construction costs of all the buildings.

watchtower500 koku2 seasons
keep500 koku4 seasons
castle1000 koku8 seasons
fortress2000 koku8 seasons
teahouse500 koku4 seasons
inn500 koku4 seasons
subtemple500 koku4 seasons
temple1000 koku8 seasons
temple complex2000 koku8 seasons
ricepaddy500 koku2 seasons
ricebroker500 koku4 seasons
brewery500 koku4 seasons
market500 koku4 seasons
guild1000 koku4 seasons
clay pit500 koku4 seasons
potterer500 koku4 seasons
sumac plantation500 koku4 seasons
lacquerer500 koku4 seasons
mulberry field500 koku4 seasons
weavery500 koku4 seasons
tea field500 koku4 seasons
farmstead500 koku4 seasons
mansion500 koku4 seasons
stables500 koku4 seasons
palace2000 koku8 seasons
fletcher500 koku4 seasons
poleturner500 koku4 seasons
chainmail armorer500 koku4 seasons
scale armorer500 koku4 seasons
lamellar armorer500 koku4 seasons
smelter500 koku4 seasons
swordsmithy500 koku4 seasons
gunmakers guild500 koku4 seasons
port500 koku4 seasons
fishing wharf500 koku4 seasons

Terrain Limitations


A ricepaddy can only be constructed on plains, forests and hills, provided there is no tea, ceramics, lacquerware, or silk located in that district.


Other commercial buildings such as a clay pit, sumac plantation, mulberry field, or tea field can only be constructed, where there respectively is ceramics, lacquerware, silk, or tea located in that district.


You cannot construct towns on mountainous districts. An exception to this rule is a market and guild, where there is iron sand, copper, silver or gold to be found. Another exception to this rule, is that you are allowed to construct a temple on a mountainous district, if there is a famous shrine or famous temple located in that district.


Ports and fishing wharfs can only be constructed on beaches.