Covert units perform acts such as espionage, sabotage or assassinations. Covert units may be used to kill other covert units, if they can find them. Covert units can also be used as scouts.


Ninja and Kunoichi can both move 10 grids in a single year. Their movement onto grids is not restricted like that of armies.


Kunoichi gain experience for every successful kill and ninja gain experience for every successful sabotage. The amount of experience they can gather is limited to a maximum of 5 experience points.

For every experience point covert units gain, their effectiveness is increased by one percent and they can move one extra grid.


Ninja are used for espionage and sabotage. Ninja can be used for sabotage in two ways. They can burn buildings in a town, or incite riots. Ninja may be used to spy on armies of your opponents and see how many units there are in an army. When ninja are located at the headquarters of an opponent, they can spy on the clan and see what advances they have.


Ninja are 5 percent effective at sabotage or inciting a rebellion in Kyoto.


Kunoichi are used for scouting and assassinations. Kunoichi are the only covert unit that can assassinate generals of an opponent's army. When Kunoichi are located at the headquarters of an opponent, they may also be used to assassinate other male family members of a clan.