emperor shogun kyoto kanrei kanto kanrei chinzei kanrei oshu kanrei


The Emperor does nothing in the game. He is of little consequence to the clans. He is considered the ceremonial leader of Japan. The Emperor resides in Kyoto.


If you wish to obtain the title of Shogun you need to have an income of at least 100,000 koku, and own Kyoto (the capital of Japan), and have a finished palace in Kyoto. The Daimyo who becomes Shogun and who manages to keep that title of Shogun for a full year will be declared the winner of the round. The round will come to an end when someone manages to restore central authority.


A Kanrei is a Shogun's deputy. There are actually four positions of Kanrei in Japan, namely: the Kanto Kanrei (located at Kamakura), the Rokuhara Kanrei (located at Kyoto), the Chinzei Kanrei (located at Dazaifu) and the Oshu Kanrei (located at Nihonmatsu).

If you wish to obtain the Kanrei title, you must have a palace in Kyoto or Kamakura or Dazaifu or Nihonmatsu. You only get the Kanrei bonus, if you have the title in the rankings. If lose the title, you lose the bonus.

The Kanrei title gives your military units a bonus of 1 extra hitpoint for each unit in your armies.


The title of a clan's Daimyo is a good indication of the power of that clan.

Clans with a superior title of the Daimyo class or of the Kuge class, may vassalize clans with an inferior title.

TitleMinimum IncomeLand RequirementAdditional Requirements
Kuge Class
Shogun100,000 kokuyesmust have a palace in Kyoto
Kanrei5,000 kokuyesmust have a palace in Kyoto or Kamakura or Nihonmatsu or Dazaifu
Daimyo Class
Meishu50,000 kokuyes 
Kokushu20,000 kokuyes 
Joshu10,000 kokuyesmust have a castle
Ryoshu5,000 kokuyes 
Kokujin Class
Kokujin200 kokuyes 
Hatamoto Class
Taishin180 kokunomust have liege
Gokenin150 kokunomust have liege
Kenin100 kokunomust have liege
Samurai Class
Samurai0 kokunodefault title
Ronin0 kokunono liege