Shugo News


17:29 12-22-2012
I decided to start a new round on monday 24th of december 2012. Happy Holidays!

23:01 12-8-2012
A new round will begin, when we get enough players (minimum 6 players).

17:22 11-3-2012
The latest round has come to an end. Asakura won.

22:45 9-3-2012
Date won the latest round. Congratulations to Date! A new round begins this wednesday the 5th of september.

15:37 8-1-2012
The are two minor tweaks to the game in this new round: -1 you may freely choose a clan personality -2 the odds of sabotage in Kyoto has been lowered

15:34 8-1-2012
A new round will begin this friday 3rd of august local time. You can Register now!

12:57 7-29-2012
I am going to make a few changes to the code and I will do some debugging on tuesday. So it may be wednesday or later when another round begins.

00:17 7-29-2012
Abe has won this round. Gameover. A new round will begin in a few days.

00:29 7-28-2012
The current round is nearing its end. I reckon it will not take long now. I new round will begin a few days after this round has come to its close.

13:56 7-19-2012
As for as I know, the issue with cell phones is a client side issue. That means it is due to the particular cell phone browser, not this server. Deleting the temporary internet files may at least temporarily solve this issue. The cause for it loading the cached pages may possible be due to an adobe update, but I cannot be certain.

13:48 7-18-2012
There have been some issues lately, with pages not refreshing. Apparently some cell phones with wireless internet do not refresh the page, which is annoying in chat. As of yet I have been unable to determine the cause of this. But I am aware of this.

14:56 6-20-2012
A new round starts monday the 25th of june. Registration for the main game is open.