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FAQ Improvements

14th of august 2015

The FAQ is updated to include the latest changes made to the Han system.

Chat Improvements

14th of august 2015

Made some minor improvements in the chat. The security of the chat was improved and a back to form link was added.


12th of august 2015

Completed the adjustments to the map. Checked the locations of the towns on the map.

Survey Maps

10th of august 2015

Made some more survey maps in the council and court sections.

Towns & Hans Adjusted

10th of august 2015

Made some more adjustments to the hans and towns in the game and the manual.


9th of august 2015

Debugged some functions regarding the registration, claiming and army movement.

Towns & Hans Adjusted

9th of august 2015

Made some adjustments to the hans and towns in the game and the manual.

Intro Manual

4th of august 2015

Altered the intro voiceover in the manual. It now has a voiceover from singer-songwriter Jelmer van der Wal.

Debugging Chat

4th of august 2015

Fixed the topic creation in the chat.

Mini Maps

1st of august 2015

Made mini maps or survey maps in the council section. The maps show the spread of the various members and towns of a clan.

Skill Bonuses

30th of july 2015

Finished the skill bonuses for the various actions, such as trade, healing, entertainment, battles, sabotage, and assassinations.

Battle Checks

30th of july 2015

Finished the check to see if a battle is an ordinary battle or a siege.


30th of july 2015

Finished the healing function. Healers can regenerate troop numbers in a friendly army.


30th of july 2015

Finished the conversion function. Missionaries can convert town population.

Intro Slideshow

29th of july 2015

Finished the intro slideshow in the manual.


29th of july 2015

Finished the trade route function. Merchants can now setup trade routes and they and their clan can earn income from trade. Merchants can also set waypoints.

Game Access Checks

27th of july 2015

Finished a check to see if the cron task is running. Also finished a check to see if gameover mode exists.

Event Messages

27th of july 2015

Events messages for battles, sieges, covert actions and random events are made.

Admin Functions

27th of july 2015

The admin functions are expanded. Included is an archive maker to save previous rounds messages and chronicles. Also included is a table clearer and an automatic reset to default positions and statistics.

Debugged & Restyled

27th of july 2015

I debugged and restyled the chat and forum.

Entertainment Troupes & Stewards

26th of july 2015

The entertainment troupe and steward functions are made.

Town Centre Construction

26th of july 2015

The construction function of the town centre part is made.

Old Age & Alms

26th of july 2015

Old age deaths and alms collecting are included into the cron task.


25th of july 2015

Recruitment of army units is made. It is now possible to recruit units into the army.

Tutorial Video

25th of july 2015

A short tutorial video on how to move your army is created. The video is embedded in the manual and can be seen on the tutorial page. The video also gives an insight into what the map looks like.


25th of july 2015

The function for the claiming of shoen is finished and the attachment of Shoen to Han is debugged.


25th of july 2015

The function for the construction of farms is finished.


25th of july 2015

The function for the Ashigaru loot is finished.

Tax Collection & Immigration

25th of july 2015

Finished the tax collection and immigration functions in the cron task.


24th of july 2015

The charts in the court are made. Included are charts of the land and income of the clans.

Han Survey

24th of july 2015

The survey for the Han is made. Included is a religious makeup of the towns, repression and public order. The main building upgrades can also be seen.

Game Menu Expansion

24th of july 2015

The main game menu is expanded. Links to the army, clan and biography pages can now be seen.


24th of july 2015

The filters for the main building construction in the town are made.


23rd of july 2015

Commenced with the tax collection function in the cron task.

Battles & Covert Actions

22nd of july 2015

The filters and the load screens in the battles page and the covert actions page are made. The battlefield terrain page is debugged and the correct armies can be seen there.

Army Unit Cards

22nd of july 2015

Unit cards are added to the army view.

Army Movement

22nd of july 2015

Armies can be moved on the worldmap.

Music Popup

22nd of july 2015

The music popup was debugged for the portal and preferences.

Unit Cards

21st of july 2015

Unit cards for military units in an army are made.


21st of july 2015

Styling of login, logout and home is altered. Added a vote link on the logout and added random hints and a random amusing message on the login.


21st of july 2015

A battlefield terrain page is made. Armies are visible on the worldmap and on the battlefield terrain.

Music & Sound

20th of july 2015

Music is added to the game portal and preferences is debugged. More sound is added to the worldmap.

Roles & Recruitment

20th of july 2015

Some more minor alterations made in the registration and the guide regarding roles and recruitment.

User Statistics

19th of july 2015

Added user statistics to the user bio page.

Atmospheric Sound

15th of july 2015

Atmospheric sound is implemented on the worldmap, chat and farms.

FAQ & Encyclopedia

15th of july 2015

Frequently asked questions are added to the guide. The encyclopedia is expanded with more information about historic occupations.

Country Subdivisions

15th of july 2015

The council functions such as country subdivions is in working order.

Council Surveys

14th of july 2015

Surveys are added to several of the council pages. Included surveys are a survey of hans, cities, farms, armies, ninja and the clan treasury.

Army Creation

13th of july 2015

Armies can be created.


12th of july 2015

Diplomacy functions are made in the council section of the game.


9th of july 2015

Audio files are uploaded in the sound map. Included is sound for atmosphere, battle, farming and construction.

Role Alterations

9th of july 2015

Some minor alterations made in registration and the guide regarding the roles.


9th of july 2015

The news page is altered. A developers log is included to the news page.


9th of july 2015

Shugo 7 chat is made. You can chat and roleplay in the game.


9th of july 2015

Shugo 7 worldmap is altered. Moving the view is now possible with keyboard keys.


8th of july 2015

A clan council is made in the game.


8th of july 2015

Shugo 7 forum and chat is complete, but needs further testing.

Registration Debugged

6th of july 2015

Shugo 7 registration is debugged. Registration of roles was debugged.


5th of july 2015

Alterations are made to the chronicles in the game.


5th of july 2015

New graphics are added to Shugo 7.

Terrain Skins

29th of december 2014

Terrain skins are made for the map.


30th of april 2014

A rough version of the worldmap is made.


21th of april 2014

Shugo 7 registration is complete. You can register for the game in alpha stage.

Game Guide

20th of april 2014

Shugo 7 game guide is made.

Places and Provinces

19th of april 2014

Clans start locations, places and provinces for the game map were imported into the database.

Game Menu

16th of april 2014

A game menu is made.


15th of april 2014

Icons are made for the game menu.


14th of april 2014

Clan badges also known as mon are made for the game.

Login Portal

18th of september 2013

A login portal is made.

Game Database

18th of september 2013

Several alterations to the game database are made.

Rules and terms

27th of august 2013

Rules and terms are added.


26th of august 2013

Japanese style fonts are added to the game.

Start Time

26th of august 2013

A round start time file is made.

Battle Gear

24th of august 2013

Battle gear is made for the battle page in the game.

Building Images

24th of august 2013

Building images are made for the town view.


24th of august 2013

Clans are imported into the game database.

Alpha Development

18th of august 2013

Shugo 7 is in alpha development. Alpha development commenced.