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Intro Manual

4th of august 2015

The manual intro has a voiceover from singer-songwriter Jelmer van der Wal.

Tutorial Video

25th of july 2015

A short tutorial video on how to move your army is created. The video is embedded in the manual and can be seen on the tutorial page. The video also gives an insight into what the map looks like.

Army Unit Cards

22nd of july 2015

Unit cards are added to the army view.


12th of july 2015

Diplomacy functions are made in the council section of the game.


9th of july 2015

Shugo 7 chat is made. You can chat and roleplay in the game.


21th of april 2014

Shugo 7 registration is complete. You can register for the game in alpha stage.

Alpha Development

18th of august 2013

Shugo 7 is in alpha development. Alpha development commenced.